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Kelly PRIDE Nominations


SY 18-19 Quarter One Kelly Pride Nominees

Please continue to nominate Students and Staff using Kelly PRIDE Nominations.

Nominees will receive a certificate, be recognized on the KellyPRIDE Wall by the Main office, and celebrated at the end of the quarter

Nominee Core Value Act of PRIDE Nominator
Citlali Sarabia Persistence She has always been there for me. She cheers me up when I am down. I love her for that. Abad Andres
Johnathan Gonzalez  Empathy He helped me when I did not have anything, he was there. Abad Andres
Alondra Mendez  Empathey  Helps me with personal problems  Hector Favela
Christine Proffit  Empathy  Whenever someone wasn’t doing well, she pulled the person out and talked to them for however long the one on one attention was needed. Afterwards, she would keep track of that person’s grades, and if more help was needed she would talk to them. Jose Montoya 
Edward Miller Resilience  He always motivates us to strive for greater things since my Freshman year. I have not only seen him work hard for himself but for students as well. Even after he was knocked down, he found his way back up  Cristobal Camarillo
 Carolina Chen Zhang Determination  Carolina is a very smart student. She never gives up. She likes to help other people. She is not selfish.  Yuritzi Melchor
Maribel Cosme  Empathy  She is a nice teacher who understands all of us.  Emerson Escobar
Candice Bibbs Empathy She has been there for me since the first day we met. She does not judge people. She is open-minded  Karriemah Kennedy
 Julie Anaya Persistence  Ever since I joined student council, she is always on top of her stuff and I admire that.  Judith Avila
Mary App Empathy Cada dia da lo mejor para que aprendamos, nos da aliento y animo es una persona de confianza y honesta. C. Najera
Jennifer Heredia Empathy She is very kind. She is understanding of new people. She helped out when newcomers were confused. Angela Reza
Josue Albor Empathy He is awesome dude who looks out for the people he cares for. Angel Garcia
Fernando Cervantes Persistence He motivates me to do better in my studies. Abad Andres
Tanya Guel
Persistence Helping others during her free time. Jonathan Gonzalez
Tony Melgoza Empathy He understands people John Rios
Raul Magdaleno Empathy He is the same person since he was my principal in 8th grade. He has high expectations but he helps you meet them. Victoria Villalpando
Adriana Rojas Empathy

he cares for her peers and helps others with questions.

Gloria Arriaga
Gabriella Castillo Persistence There is never a time when she fails to complete projects on time. Gloria Arriaga
Maritza Castillo Determination By helping orchestrate a success beautification project Mary App
Adam Toledo   For creating a user friendly way to obtain books so the process goes more smoothly. The visual Google Form is awesome! Katelin Gifford
Mary App Persistence Donated a refrigerator to replace teacher lounge refrigerator Jesus Montano
John Klupshas Persistence Delivered a donated refrigerator to Kelly H.S Jesus Montano
Gretchen Bates Persistence Showed Kelly PRIDE at the beginning of the year. Jesus Montano
Peter Xu Empathy Peter saw that my tire was flat and he stopped to helped me put air in it. He's a superstar. Carolyn Brown
Estephanie Alejandre
Zaira Medina
Alondra Ramirez
Claudia Rodriguez
Determination My helpers went above and beyond what was expected of them this week when one of our students had a seizure.  They took initiative and helped us out tremendously by keeping the other students calm as the adults attended to the student having the seizure.  They held the students hands as they helped them across the street safely and got them back safely into school. They took care of our PE equipment and even helped organize and lead the kids to lunch.  They showed some tremendous maturity and leadership and I am grateful to have them helping my class. Joe Joyce